Giving Thanks

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Sometimes you just have one of those days. I had one today.

It started well. I woke up and made my way into the office. I had a decadent latte and some great conversation with a friend who now works where I do.

The office was quiet, as it’s Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and many of my colleagues and clients are taking some much-needed vacation with their families and loved ones. As a result, I managed to not only catch-up on e-mail, but also get many items prepped for next week when everyone will start the mad push before the Christmas Holiday.

I had a quiet lunch with a friend who always makes my day better. And then the afternoon hit. I don’t need to go into the gory details – they won’t help. But suffice to say, I left the office at a pretty low point. Maybe one of the lowest in my career.

As I commuted home on MARTA, I listened to a playlist that a particularly genius audiophile friend put together. It was then, during a perfect moment of reflection that it hit me. As seething as I was at the events that transpired this afternoon, in the grand scheme of things, today was not that bad. In fact, I’m incredibly blessed.

I’m blessed with a wonderful husband that puts up with me and my many quirks. I’m blest with two families, my husband’s and my own, who provide unconditional love and support. I’m blessed with an even greater group of friends who are my “chosen family.” I have an exceedingly cute black lab who loves me even when I don’t always love myself.

For all of these reasons, I am very thankful. It’s apropos that this is a week to celebrate all of these reasons and more to share a meal and conversations with our loved ones. So during this week I hope you will each be mindful of the many things for which you have to be thankful.

Be good to one another. Spread love, not hate. Engage in meaningful conversations where you are present. Be vulnerable more often; it might surprise you how well it turns out!

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